“God said to one of His saints: ‘Verily some among My worshipers love Me and I love them, are desirous of Me and I desire them, remember Me and I remember them, gaze at Me and I gaze at them.’ The saint said: ‘Oh Lord, what is their sign?’ And [God] said: ‘They call for darkness during the day, just as the compassionate shepherd calls his flock, and they yearn for sunset, just as a bird yearns for its nest at sunset. When night falls, when darkness overcomes [the light], when the bed covers are spread out, when the family is at rest, and when every lover is left with his beloved-then they arise, pointing their feet toward Me, turning their faces to Me, and speak intimate words, adoring Me by virtue of My grace. They [find themselves witless], between crying and weeping, between moaning and complaining, between standing and sitting, and between bowing and prostrating themselves in My sight. [All of this] they bear for My sake and reveal what they suffer for the sake of My love. The first thing I give them is that I kindle My light in their hearts so that they may know of Me. The second is that were the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between them be on their balance [against them at the Day of judgment], I would make it light for them. The third is that I turn My face toward them, redeeming the one toward whom I have turned My face, so that one may know what I want to give him.’”

Abu Madyan- Bidayat al-Murid



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